Capturing 2015 in yearbook distribution day


Zabrina Yannella

Sharing a first glimpse of the 2015 yearbook, junior Alexis Roberts talks to Shaylyn Sprout 11 while sophomores Kaylee Samulak and Faith Whitt look at the “Capture” yearbook at distribution day.

The gym was covered with tables packed with boxes with the word “yearbook” printed on the sides. The Panther staff was shuffling around, ready for the bell to ring, so they could pass out their creation: the “Capture” of 2015.

“I’m very, very impressed,” said high school principal Richard Cook. “I think it’s beautiful. I love the color in it, in particular I like the stylistic thing of using the shapes and the arrows. I also really liked all the graphically represented information.”

In Stockbridge, the yearbook is a whole lot more than a bunch of pictures of the prettiest, most athletic and popular students and the main events that occur at the school.  

“The theme of the book was ‘Capture’,” senior and editor-in-chief of The Panther McKenzie Carpenter said. “The book was focused behind the scenes and on the moments people don’t usually see.”

On September 18,  yearbooks were distributed at the end of second block classes in the high school gym by The Panther yearbook staff. However, a limited supply of yearbooks are still available for purchase at the price of 67 dollars a piece. Either cash or check made out to Stockbridge High School is acceptable.

A letter and phone calls were sent home to last year’s seniors, if they bought a yearbook, letting them know they are available for pick up at the school.

Please contact Elizabeth Cyr at (517)-851-7770 with questions.