Homecoming Week

Stockbridge Royalty

2022 Stockbridge Homecoming Queens

Alyssa VanHook and Ella Phillips


1. Thalia Sayre Senior

“I was surprised when I got my name called at the football field. I honestly just did this to see if I could get in the top three and I found out people loved me when I heard my name.”

2. Macy Cipta Junior

“Just to make it into the top three was a crazy feeling. Then, actually winning and getting to walk across the field was remarkable.”

3. Miley Moser Sophomore

“In that moment hearing my name called was so amazing and so unexpected since many other girls campaigned. I didn’t and they still chose me.”

4. Melina Sayre Freshman

“When I heard my name I was so shocked my mouth dropped open and I just cried.”