Breakfast Buddies


Breakfast Buddies was launched at the beginning of the school year. This program was created by Mrs. Kalmar’s first and second block with the help of sophomore Brendon Fletcher, senior Thomas Graves, junior Paul Baird, junior Dustin Whitney, and freshman Grady Giddings. 

“They all wanted to do something nice and they decided their project was to breakfast,” Special Ed teacher Carrie Kalmar said. 

These boys have made breakfast for multiple staff members on the last Friday of the month, starting in September. 

“They created the menu, the meals, the invites, and they came up with the list of staff members to invite or give the invitations to,” Kalmar said. 

Not only was this project to help Mrs. Kalmar’s class to learn their independent daily learning skills with learning how to cook, but they were also giving back to the staff. 

“It’s fun for the students in the class and it’s nice for the teachers,” Whitney said.