Shop with a cop brings Christmas cheer

New police chief Matt Bartus is getting ready for this year’s shop with a cop. He was promoted to police chief in October. Shop with a cop is an annual event done every Christmas for kids in need. The school will choose students that fit the requirements and give them a day to shop with chief Bartus. The student is allowed to choose items they would want, along with gifts for their family members.

 “A lot of times I find the kids are very generous,” Bartus said. An important goal to him is community. The experience for a kid to buy their family something that they can’t normally afford is heartwarming. 

“They usually get to pick a toy for themselves and they get to pick a toy for their family,” Bartus said. “And a lot of times, like last year the child did not want a present for herself because she wanted to get more for her family.”

 Bartus was honored and excited to be doing this year’s shop with a cop since he enjoyed it so much last year. Shop with a cop is not only an exciting experience for the kid but so enjoyable for Bartus as well. 

“I think shop with a cop is one of the best events I do,” Bartus said.