Summer premiere for local play

The Town Hall Players are performing All’s Well In Rosewell by Burton Bumgarner. The performance takes place Friday, June 24, 7:00 pm, Saturday, June 25th, 6:00pm, and Sunday, June 26th, 3:00 pm.
All’s Well in Rosewell is about a financially struggling town. The mayor gathers the citizens after the treasurer takes the town of Rosewell’s money and gives them two options: Increase taxes by 10,000% or Come up with a different way to raise money. Residents vote decisively in favor of plan B, but they are having trouble coming up with ways to raise funds other than throwing $200 car washes or $600/plate spaghetti dinners.
The residents go to their thriving desert neighbor, Roswell, NM, for inspiration, and discover that the only difference between the two towns is that Roswell has an extra “E” and Roswell has aliens! To profit on the alien craze and draw tourists to Rosewell, residents spread pieces of a broken-down 1991 Yugo over the desert, then wait for the government to transport the Yugo parts to a secret storage bunker and deny their presence.
However, the spectacle attracts some unexpected visitors, including a UFO enthusiast, a mob boss, two dimwitted hit women, a tabloid reporter, a Texas Ranger—and a real alien (or two).
There are many SHS students in the performance such as Kathryn Brumm, Stuart Cook, Grace Dreier, Ivori Hufnagel, Paul Marshall, Xyan Torrey, and Kaitelyn Walker.
“I like to have fun and hangout with everyone, and a lot of the scenes are fun to act in. I play Mayor Marty Moon,” Stuart Cook said. If you are free the weekend of June 24th, go support All’s Well In Rosewell.