New year, different celebrations


All around the world cultures celebrate the upcoming year in vastly different ways.
Americans have many traditions they begin with for the new year, New Year’s resolutions, kissing at midnight and watching the ball drop are just a few, but why? It is thought that if you kiss someone when the clock turns twelve, evil spirits will be warded off according to USA Today.
Although in different parts of the world that is not always the case. For example, the Chinese Lunar New Year changes the dates every year because it depends on the moon. They also celebrate for up to 16 days. There are plenty of other celebrations that go on as well besides these.
Typically New Year’s in the United States always falls on January 1 and is celebrated for two days.

Stockbridge, MI

Even here in a small town traditions vary and teenagers begin the new year with a bang or a cozy night in.

“[Since I was 10] I go to the Medina’s house and we always eat tacos and my meme brings over an m&m platter and organizes it to look like an American flag.” senior Paige Stolarz said.

“We take a wine glass and fill it up with 12 grapes and we have to eat each grape. For each grape that you eat equals one wish, we’ve been doing this for 12 years,” senior Yarely Cervantes said.

“Every year I made a resolution to be a better person and make goals specific to that year. This year my goal is to finish school, track, and band on a good note,” senior Alexandria Teachout said.

“My family has this tradition where we go outside and start banging pots and pans down the street once the ball drops at midnight,” junior Maggie Mahler said.


In Brazil, they have a New Year’s tradition to take control of their fortunes by their underwear color. Yellow gives prosperity, red stands for love and passion, blue for good health and tranquility and white stands for peace.
In Columbia many people carry empty suitcases at midnight in hopes to bring fortune and prosperity. Along with this, some people carry money in their hands to attract financial security and stability in the coming year.


One of Denmark’s most common traditions is to smash plates or other unused dishes. Citizens save their unused or unwanted dishes to smash on their friends or families doorsteps on New Years to ward off bad spirits.

Greece has a tradition of hanging an onion on their doors as a sign of rebirth and on New Year’s day parents often will wake up their children by tapping an onion on their heads.


The New Year’s traditions of the Chinese have been occurring since the third millennium BCE. The lunar new year date changes every year because it is reliant on the moon. It starts on the New moon and ends on a full moon. During this time there is a 15 day celebration of the new year. Some of the things they celebrate include, paying their respects to the dead, spending time with their family and friends and celebrating their gods. They also have big feasts to celebrate good health and another way to spend time with families. On the last day, a reunion dinner takes place and is decorated full of lanterns to represent the full moon.
“The festival is associated with guiding lost and ill bred evil spirits home, while celebrating and cultivating positive relationships between people, families, nature and the higher beings as they are believed to be responsible for bringing and returning the light each year,” says Nation Online.