Mainstream media: Manipulative, and most of the time, one-sided

When you dive deep into the media, you may notice something. Many mainstream media platforms are one sided. They are liberal, left leaning, and very biased. What does this do for the other side? It silences them. 

Many mainstream media platforms, mainly news, attack the conservative, right leaning point of view. Any chance they can get to point out something bad, or twist a story into something it is not, they do. 

Whether it is the former president of the United States they are being defamatory toward, or it is some sort of celebrity or influencer, liberal media does everything in their power to make a story, any type of story, reflect badly on them. 

An example of this trend is a rather recent article from CNN. In the article, it tries to tie the Trump campaign to Russian influence, saying they “interfered” with the 2020 election, even though there is no factual evidence to support that claim. The Trump campaign took CNN to court for libel, but it was dismissed. 

Not only is the mainstream news the culprit, it is also social media. Facebook has gotten so bad at silencing and shadow banning conservatives, those party affiliates have had to move platforms and create their own just so they do not get blocked from posting. 

Twitter also went through a long overdue lawsuit because it had been banning conservative influencers for just posting their feelings. 

California’s GOP Representative, Devin Nunes, was at the head of the lawsuit. According to an article on Fox News, “Twitter did nothing to investigate or review the defamation that appeared in plain view on its platform. Twitter consciously allowed the defamation of Nunes to continue” despite reports and purported reviews by Twitter’s content moderators.” 

This action is one of many instances when Twitter showed biased and ignored an issue on its platform it should have been taking care of.                    

And, Instagram goes as far as to fact check every post that their liberal leaders don’t agree with. Don’t agree? Just scroll through your Instagram feed to see common posts that read “see why fact checkers think this is incorrect.”

The main issue with the mainstream media is that since most of it is biased toward one side, the other side gets little to no coverage. Of course, there are biased news sources toward conservatives like Fox News and the Daily Wire, but many Americans do not watch those news streaming outlets. 

In January 2021, USA Today reported that CNN now holds the title of most watched cable news, as MSNBC is in second with 1.6 million viewers and Fox News drops down to third. With the majority of American citizens watching very left leaning news, they will not be seeing a conservative viewpoint.

One of the biggest news streaming platforms, and one of the most biased, is CNN.

CNN has evolved to be so biased the past few years that many right wingers’ have started calling it “fake news.” The same name they give to another very biased and widely spread news outlet called the New York Times. 

Differing opinions in the media are bound to happen, which is good, but when only one voice is being heard, the issues begin.

When the media is mostly one sided, and the other side gets little to no coverage, it begins to paint the other side in a bad light. It silences them and their voices are not heard.

Avoiding biased news sources is the best way to really get informed. Take into account, there may be more than one side, and you may have to look harder to find it.