“Soul” music contemplates mortality

Disney Pixar’s latest animated film, “Soul”, questions, What comes after death? Is there a reason for life? Is there something before life?

“Soul” simplifies these concepts using goofy, abstract characters and colorful locations. 

“Soul” takes place in modern day New York City, where the main character, Joe Gardener lives. Joe is a middle school band teacher who isn’t satisfied with his job. Joe’s main goal is to become a professional jazz pianist. Joe unexpectedly dies shortly after landing a gig with one of the hottest jazz bands in New York City. Joe is about to go into the great beyond when he tries to cheat death and manages to end up in the great before, where new souls are created. After his identity is mistaken he becomes the mentor for a troubled soul called Number 22. As a mentor his responsibility is to find a soul’s “spark”. The idea of a soul’s “spark” is a critical part in “Soul’s” plot, a “spark” is what inspires a soul and allows them to become a complete soul and become a person on earth.

“Soul” tackles concepts that many films do not attempt to capture, the idea of death and what comes after. The question “what comes after death?” is a question asked by people of all ages, so for Pixar to make a family friendly movie about this topic was a successful decision.