‘In Wonder’: Shawn Mendes documentary

Musician comes out with his life story on Netflix

Shawn Mendes’s fame started on Vine, the app that preceded Musically and Tik Tok. 

Many famous celebrities or musicians, even YouTubers, started on it making videos like Mendes did. He was 15 years old when he started posting clips on Vine of himself singing. The first song he covered was by Justin Bieber, “As Long As You Love Me.” 

Mendes moved on to YouTube to continue his career, from then to now, his music is enjoyed all over the world. Now his music is now on Apple music, Amazon music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora

He started writing his own songs such as, “The Weight,” “Something Big,” and “Stitches.” Mendes writes all his songs, many of which are adored by fans still today. 

Mendes new album “In Wonder” talks about freedom; he felt free making it. It coverss about his life and his love for his girlfriend, Camila Cabello who is also a musician and was in a girl group called Fifth Harmony. After leaving the group, Cabello became her own solo career and started to write her own songs and songs with Mendes as well. 

Netflix released a documentary about Mendes called “In Wonder,” in late November. “In Wonder” is also the name of his new album. Since it has been out, it has earned a 6.5/10 on IMDb. It uncovered a different perspective, as we see him as this super star, when in reality he’s a human being who has a life he wants to live. 

Yes, he loves his fans, but also he loves his privacy, his love life, his music he makes. Mendes made this documentary to show people that he’s not just a singer, but a normal person with a normal life. Mendes has struggles, emotions and personal things he deals with every day. We see Mendes as this musician who just sings for his fans when we should see who the song writer is about behind the scenes.