BREAKING NEWS: New COVID-19 case found at Wilson Talent Center



Wilson Talent Center health occupations senior Abigail Douglas learns how to take on and off medical protection equipment. When Douglas heard about another COVID-19 case that broke out, she was more calm than expected. “My teachers have given me the tools to stay safe during these crazy times,” Douglas said. “I’m always reassured due to being in MA (medical assistance). I feel educated and prepared for anything that comes my way even if it’s a huge pandemic.

The new media Cohort A afternoon session of the Wilson Talent Center moved to online instruction only on October 27 due to a new COVID-19 case by an attending student. The morning students in Cohort B classes will attend in person as well as all of Cohort B.

This COVID-19 case detection becomes the second at the center. The first was in the cosmetology program, causing one of the cosmetology cohorts shut down as well.

The method the WTC finds out about COVID-19 cases starts with a contact from the health department with guidelines to follow.

“We rely on the Ingham County Health Department as well as students and families to inform us about confirmed positive cases,” Joe Wenzel, principal, SAID. “Once we find out about a positive case, we work closely with the Ingham County Health Department to provide all the relevant details.”