‘Frozen 2’: awakening the spirits

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight as the sequel to the 2013 “Frozen” arrived in theaters on November 22. “Frozen 2” is worth seeing in theatres for the great storytelling, songs and details it evokes. 

 The music in this cinema does not free away from the first “Frozen” song hit, “Let it go”; although, the songs in “Frozen 2” are enchanted by the way the songs are sung. Viewers can hear the same tempos as the first Frozen. The same composers returned for “Frozen 2,” Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. 

 One song from the movie that stood out was Olaf’s hit “When I am Older” and Elsa’s “Into the Unknown.” Don’t let the upbeat musically pleasant songs fool you. This movie is much darker and has a very serious tone.

The initial plot finds Elsa suddenly hearing a voice where she eventually finds out that it is in the Enchanted Forest. She has to find the voice in order for the evil spirits to not destroy their village of Arendalle.

She takes Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf onto her adventure to find it. These five friends have to go through giant rock monsters, tornadoes and purple fire to get to the hidden voice.

 “Frozen 2” still has the same Disney magic as the first “Frozen.” Expect to see stunning animation that will evoke your senses.

The Disney matured story entertains from all angles with some surprising moments and heartbreaking twists throughout. Another situation that I found superb was bringing back their attention to Olaf. 

As he starts to grow up, he has many questions about the world around him. He adds humor to the movie to give relief to the audience for a break of laugh.