Pennywise The Clown, a ridiculous concept, is a villain that only few would be able to bring to life, but Stephen King worked his magic with the character and created an amazing book that inspired an even better movie.

“IT Chapter Two” surpasses every other horror movie by not resorting to cheap scare tactics like jump scares or including unnecessary scenes to make the movie longer.

The sequel to “It” (2017), is worth being away from your phone for 3 hours. Cinematic parallels to the first movie is not the only aspect that makes this a great movie. The kids from the first film are grown up in the second, maturing significantly over the 27 years they were away from Derry, Maine. 

Most importantly, they forget the events that happened that summer when they first discovered Pennywise

Whether it is getting chased by a murderous clown, running from school bullies or arguing with their parents, the Losers from “It” were almost always at odds with unknown forces. They even have disagreements with each other, which they quickly resolve, realizing they all needed to stick together to defeat Pennywise. 

The Losers finally meet up after all these years and some of their memories start to come back. The memories coming back may seem cliche and used in many stories but “IT Chapter Two” they make it unique to the storyline. In the movie it explains that they lose these memories the further away from Derry they get as they become adults and when they finally defeat Pennywise the curse is lifted and they can finally remember the events that happened. 

Good movies like “Winchester,” have amazing, well thought out plots that include great directing and acting with at least semi-relatable characters. “IT Chapter Two” fits this bill precisely with beautifully shot scenes that are relevant to the movie and actors that put in effort to convey the characters emotions clearly. 

At times, though, the movie may get a bit silly. Pennywise takes the form of a spider with a baby head at a point; this scene is the only part I thought to be funny when it was not supposed to be. Humor makes this horror movie unlike the rest, it is a big part of the storyline. Sometimes the viewer may even forget they are watching a horror film because the funny parts are hilarious, yet the scary parts are terrifying.

Losers Club Richie Tozier tries to make the situation lighter and tells jokes to make the rest laugh and surely you will too. 

While other horror movies like “Friday the 13th” made only $60 million from the box office, “IT Chapter Two” has already made almost $90 million and has only been out since September 6 of this year.