Seventh and Eighth grade choir excels at festival and prepares for upcoming solo and ensemble

Dreams came true after singing ‘American Dream’ at Holt High School for seventh and eighth grade choir members. The Michigan Schools Vocal Music Association (MSVMA) Choir Festival was a great success after choir members used their own desires of high awards to work hard and hopefully win a good score.

“We were nervous because we only go once a trimester,” said eighth grade choir student Ashlynn Arnett.

Although anxious, Arnett believes that the team performed well.

“I think we did really good,” Arnett said. “We were practicing for like an hour and a half before we went, so it gave us a another boost when we were there.”

Choir instructor Carol Hatch agrees with her student.

“They performed more musically than my wildest dream of them doing so!” said Hatch. “Their music and singing came from the heart, with all being eager to please and meet my seemingly unreachable expectations.”

While they haven’t received their awards yet, Hatch feels that the rating doesn’t really matter.

“Their score is of no real importance to me anyway,” said Hatch. “They were valiant winners today, and my heart is full for having experienced it with them.”