BALLADS 1: perfect soundtrack of an introvert’s heartbreak

Joji’s debut album shows promise, innovating modern indie music



Fans of Joji and his new album will find this tour to be a good opportunity. The venues Joji has chosen are small, and personal. This allows the artist and listener to feel closely connected. However, with venues selling out quickly, and tour dates being limited, there’s a small period of time to get tickets for this intimate tour.

Known for constructing strange beats, going against the grain with lo-fi sounds, and drilling trap drum beats, with wrenching lyrics about heartbreak and his love life, Joji has come out with his debut album, leaving his fans waiting for more.

The Japanese-Australian musician captures turmoil in his relationships perfectly with a hurt voice that sounds in pain. “TEST DRIVE” exhibits changing emotions, the ups of music followed by the woeful lyrics that tell of a love interest not invested in a future together who only wants a short lived, good time.

The song, complete with a low-quality piano loop softly playing under a snare loop, runs 3 minutes even and is the third track. It became one of the four singles released off the album.

A personal favorite, “COME THRU,” shows brilliance even though almost all of the vocal track is autotuned. Joji raps on this song and it has such a catchy chorus. The autotune chorus is melodic and robotic, saying how he feels lost in this world and how he wants to feel lost with this girl.

“ATTENTION,” the opener song launches into a piano filled, soppy plea for a chance with a girl who dates the wrong guys. With occasional bass raises so hard that the vocals are choppy, the chorus is easy to sing along to and allows the listener to get connected. It pops up in silence and in sound.

Another single released off the album, and one of his more popular ones, being 41 on the top 200 for Spotify streams for the week of November 1, would be “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK.” This song fits the album title as a ballad, a sad waltz about a guy who is lost but is in love with a girl he’s no good for. It appeals as one of the better songs on the album with an almost angelic sound.

One of the only features on the album is “R.I.P.,” which features Trippie Redd, Ohio born rapper. This love ballad explores the sacrifices one would make for love, the most specific one being his own life.

The album’s overall depressing undertones, with love and heartbreak presented, make this 12 track album a must listen.

Joji’s first album is a success, leaving fans craving more.

BALLADS 1 is the ultimate soundtrack for loners, introverts and desolate people, capturing the feeling of not being enough for someone, not being able to be everything they need, but seeing them as all you desire. I would give this album an 8/10.