The undefined generation

No donkeys, no elephants, no dead fish in a new era for young political freethinkers.

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The undefined generation

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Dead fish go with the flow. This group of young adults don’t act like dead fish when deciding who should represent our country in the 2016 elections. There are Republicans, Democrats, and independents, but this generation falls somewhere new. With no representation, youth voting is decreasing each election according to Gallup polls, most recently by 20 percent.

In the search for a political label for this generation, the ideology of “unbelief” is well practiced, according to junior Karlee Fillmore.

“We are politically defined in that we are not big into parties, we are more individual freethinkers,” said Fillmore.

This era of young political freethinkers votes based on what they believe, not what their “party” believes.

“We hear what is going on in the world and make an opinion on that based on what we think. We aren’t really Democrat or Republican; we are just our own thing,” senior Akailia Martinez said. “It shouldn’t be divided into two parties. It’s okay to agree with things on both sides. I think that is what we do so that’s why we don’t have a label on what we are.”

Now, millennials search for someone to positively represent them.

“I am surprised to hear that youth voting is decreasing, but now that I think of it, it’s probably because they have to choose between two parties and they aren’t part of those parties,” Fillmore said.. “They are their own thing.”