Rolling into a good time

Roller skating provides relaxed environment for teens

June 4, 2018

During the designated time for backwards skating, sophomores Adam Twining and John Morris work as a team to propell Twining backward.
“I was kind of joking because I knew I couldn’t do it, but I guess I felt a little stupid because it’s hard,” Twining said.

Neon lights, a disco ball, blaring music and the most delicious greasy pepperoni pizza ever. Laughing with friends, falling down and blistered ankles take up a whole afternoon. Each participant seems to step into an alternate reality where only two things in the whole world matter: which throwback song is playing and making sure the roller skates are the correct size.

From the 2006 to 2016, the number of roller skating participants (ages 6 and older) have dropped by nearly 8 million according to Statista.

For sophomore Adam Twining, skating is actually fun with friends, but he is not an avid skater himself because he dislikes the discomfort of the skates.


“I’m not really much of a skater,” Twining said. “I roller skate, tops, two times a year. It really hurts my feet and peels the skin off of my ankles.”

At places like Allskate in Jackson, there are more activities to participate in than just gliding around in circles. Laser tag also receives a lot of competitors. Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon at Allskate, tickets are $5 for one round. Friday night and Saturday night tickets are $6 for one round. Arcade games and concessions are also there to entertain goers who need a break from skating.

However, skating does have its perks. In addition to being three times safer than football and four times safer than basketball, skating for just one hour can burn up to 600 calories according to the Roller Skating Association.

While the sport gives the participant a good workout, roller skating also improves coordination.

“Roller skating keeps your heart rate up, but you also have to have the balance and it helps build leg strength because you’re moving all the time,” sophomore Kaleb Adkins said.

Fast. At Allskate in Jackson, sophomore Adam Twining attempts to gain speed to catch sophomore John Morris as senior Zabrina Yannella looks over her shoulder to make sure she avoids getting ran into.



Sophomore Anna Schlaff thinks of a roller skating rink as a drama-free zone where she can hang out with friends without worrying about social media.

“Hanging out with friends is just not as common as it used to be because of technology,” Schlaff said. “You can talk to your friends whenever you want; you don’t have to meet up with them to talk to them. [Rollerskating] is just one of those things you do with friends.”

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