Stockbridge from a different angle

December 4, 2016

Flying above Stockbridge 500 feet high at around 250-300 mph, Deanna and I were having a great time talking about all the beautiful sights we were seeing.

The closer we got to downtown Stockbridge, I started to see my house and the schools. It was cool to see the world at a different angle. I started to admire the beauty that is Stockbridge the more we traveled. As we started to turn, I had a jolt of happiness run through my body because the view up there was impeccable. The closer we got to the high school, the happier I got to be what situation I was in.

I was flying in a plane.

Flying gives me feelings and thoughts I never truly thought of or appreciated. That’s another reason why I love aviation. It gives me another reason to love life.

Chloe Miner

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