Overlooked Arts


Animals, plants and the food on your
plate at dinner time are all everyday
encounters that are actually a product
of art. Agriculture takes time and
perseverance to perfect a certain process
and have a beautiful outcome. The
seemingly endless hours from dawn
to dusk fertilizing fields and pastures,
planting and harvesting at the right
time, and making sure the animals get
whatever they need from attention to
medical care all take trial, error and
effort to make it better every time.
“I think certain parts of agriculture
could be an art form and for me the
obvious one is landscaping and floral
arranging,” STEM and Agriculture
advisor Robert Richards said. “And
those types of things, but also in the
way that you would lay out your crops
could be a form of art,” Richards said.



Art isn’t just painting, it is what
makes your house from the foundation
to the roof and everything in between
as well as everything else around you.
The people who make them aren’t just
people, they are artists. People like
construction workers and mechanics
take time honing their skills to create
art that benefits us everyday.
“I get to build things, it’s handson. It’s just the best class,” junior
Marcus Hill said.
“Once you get it done you get to see the
final piece and a cool outcome,” senior
Timothy Vliet said. “You get to see what
you’ve fixed and watch it work again



Baking is an art form that brings
many people comfort.
Junior Gabrielle Heath is a local
business owner who sells baked goods.
She has been baking since she was
little, and she is completely self-taught.
She runs the business on her own,
though her mom sometimes helps with
packaging orders.
Heath found her passion while
baking cookies with her family when
she was young. She began wanting to
open a bakery in third grade so she
made it happen.
“It makes me feel pretty good,” Heath
said. “I don’t know, it just puts me in a
zone and I just feel like all of the things
I could do are just endless. I have so
much free creativity with it. Anyone can
do anything, make different flavors of
different things or try different designs
or really anything.”
Heath also enjoys being creative while
making sugar cookies, and flavored
cookies are her favorite to make.
Anyone can order from her using her
Facebook page, emailing her, or talking
to her in person.



When senior Paul Marshall sits down
to relax after a long day, his preferred
method to do so is gaming. In recent
years gaming has become more and
more widely accepted as a method
of relaxation and enjoyment, but, the
unrepresented side of video games is the
beauty and art of video games.
Recently, games have become almost
indistinguishable from reality. Such as
the critically acclaimed “Half-Life: Alyx”
which Marshall found to be
indistinguishable from reality.
“It truly immerses you in the world you
are playing,” Marshall said.
Another side that is heavily
unrepresented is the emotional side of
video games, or in other words, what
games make you feel. A well known
example of emotions in video games has
to be 2018’s “God Of War” it follows
Kratos and his son Atreus on their
journey to scatter his wife’s ashes, the
emotional depths of this game lie in the
bond between Kratos and Atreus, the
two of them do not know each other
much due to Kratos not being around for
Atreus’ childhood, but the two of them
have to kindle a relationship while dealing
with monsters and one of the big tests of
life: Grief.