• March 9Spring sports start today, 3/9, right after school. Make sure you have a physical on file.
  • March 5If you are running track there is a meeting after school, 3/5, in the media center.
  • March 4Academic team photos, 3/11, starting at 11 a.m., so make sure you wear your team shirt.


Raise Your Voice

Kaitelyn Walker, Opinion Editor

February 1, 2020

School is designed to make us hate it. I know this because when I enter the building each morning, it’s quiet with people scattered throughout the cafeteria and booths. This may sound calming, but we students are separate but n...

Talking about mental health is not enough

Hannah Bolton, Editor In Chief

January 30, 2020

Talking about mental health is just the first step, not the solution. Having people like Will Heininger or Anthony Ianni come and speak to students about mental health is only a part of the solution.  Often, people who s...

Rx| Diagnosis: Anxiety. Prescription: Motivation. Individual dosage as needed.

Mickenzi Merriweather, staff reporter

January 21, 2020

A feeling of nervousness, maybe in an imminent event or around people in general, is commonly defined as anxiety.  This feeling takes away from who a young person can become.  Students do not always realize the fact that i...

Oh, no! Quid pro quo


November 14, 2019

As the 2020 election draws near so does President Trump's potential impeachment and his boot out of the race. After all the evidence that has come forward, Trump needs to be impeached, as then and only then, will true justice ...

Snarls of politicians

Logan Connolly, Editor-in-Chief

April 12, 2019

Psychologists say that putting down other people is a result of humans’ old predatory instincts, so it only makes sense that this toxic behavior has spread to the political scene. Politicians claw their way up the ranks by s...

eighty of us were killed. You should care about that


February 21, 2019

Consider that this number represents the journalists killed in 2018 alone, not to mention the ones jailed and silenced, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. eighty people going about their days, doing their jobs—8...

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