• March 9Spring sports start today, 3/9, right after school. Make sure you have a physical on file.
  • March 5If you are running track there is a meeting after school, 3/5, in the media center.
  • March 4Academic team photos, 3/11, starting at 11 a.m., so make sure you wear your team shirt.


Leaders are made, not born

Leaders are made, not born

Zabrina Yannella and Kali Roskowski, Editors-in-chief

October 12, 2017

6,500. The number of students from all over the state who traveled to Michigan State University to hear motivational speaker Mike Smith at the Josten’s Renaissance Back to School Tour. The leadership and journalism classes attended the event to hear how to make their school a more accepting place an...

‘Till the taboo drops

Senior Poppy Cox caught by a group of students in a trust fall activity.

Zabrina Yannella, Creative Editor

June 18, 2017

44,193. The number of deaths by suicide in America every year. Michigan alone has approximately one death by suicide every 6 hours, losing four lives every day. To most, suicide seems like something they hear about on the news and will never affect them personally, but in 2013 the village of Stoc...

Conquering senior portfolio

Hana Senior Portfolio

Tyler Wayne, Staff Reporter

June 15, 2017

Pacing through the library, senior Kaitlyn Petty recites her notecards over and over again. She becomes consumed with anxiety as she prepares for the presentation that could make or break her chances at graduating: senior portfolio. Petty isn’t the only senior to be overcome with the stress of ...

Courage to quit

Index editor Mackenzie Goss faces the challenge of making sure every student makes an appearance in the panther year book by managing and motivating 13 other students. She conquers the job with caring, tenacity and resolve.

Tyler Wayne, Staff Reporter

June 12, 2017

Senior Destiny Allard makes her way to the biology classroom, withdrawal form in hand. Her tear ducts begin to swell as she asks science teacher Jeff Trapp to sign her request to drop his Advanced Placement biology class. “I wasn’t really doing well in the class,” Allard explained. “So, I...

Grit for breakfast

Junior Alexas Huey is one of many employed youth. In April to July of 2016, the number of employed youth from 16 to 24 years of age increased by 1.9 million to 20.5 million. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 53.2 percent of young people were employed in July.

Emma Lockhart, Editor-In-Chief

June 7, 2017

She wakes up, gets ready for school, eats breakfast and runs out the door by 7:30 a.m. The day has just begun for senior Hillary Hantz. Following six hours of sitting still in her seat at school, she rushes outside and heads straight home to work on job applications. Because of an overstaffing issue at Smokehou...

We get it, you vape

Senior Justin Hibbard stands in the shelter of a pole barn while vaping to avoid the blowback of the water vapor from the pen.

Emma Lockhart, Editor-in-Chief

May 24, 2017

Go out and sit in the student parking lot after school, right near the exit and just watch the cars go by. It is almost guaranteed that you will see the big, billowed clouds of water vapor gusting out of a truck, then a van, then a few passenger cars window. Salted caramel, strawberry, and cream all secon...

Fish in a barrel

The beeping of the PA system brings our attention to principle Cook's words that follow. He announces that in the event of a bomb, prison escapee or shooter in the area the school would issue a lockdown drill. He states that, at this time, students are not allowed to leave the classroom and the doors must be locked until the end of the drill is announced. A collective sigh escapes the class as we stare blankly after our teacher as he or she saunters over to the classroom door and locks it without even pausing the lesson to discuss what we would actually do in this sort of situation. We have become numb to drills, making us akin to fish in a barrel.

Kali Roskowski, Content Editor

May 11, 2017

  Nearly 30 percent of parents in the U.S fear for their children's’ safety at school. In addition, roughly one in eight students fear for their own safety while in school according to Gallup, a polling company that delivers and analyzes statistics on attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens. Stockbridge teachers have no self-defense ...

Between the pages of creating a yearbook

Portrait of up-and-coming yearbook business manager Taylor Crockett.

Tyler Wayne, Staff Reporter

May 9, 2017

Managing one’s peers is far from easy. However, as a first year member of The Panther yearbook staff, Taylor Crockett does it seamlessly. In the short amount of time that Crockett has been on the staff, her peers have witnessed an immense growth in her leadership and aptitude. This growth come...

Uncaged receives the Silver Crown at the CSPA spring conference in New York

Bursting with joy, the Uncaged staff came home from CSPA with a Silver Crown. All three of the other schools from Michigan did as well. The Silver Crown is awarded for getting at least 600 points from the national judges.

Eric Johnson, Web Editor-in-Chief

April 10, 2017


Striding for humanity

Striding for humanity

Emma Lockhart, Editor-in-Chief

March 22, 2017

Simultaneously, alongside each other, crowds of women and men of all ages, races and political beliefs flush through the city and sound out in chants.  The Women’s Marches around the country took place on January 21. Following an 11 hour ride on a bus from East Lansing to Washington D.C., Spec...

Anna Baird, Content Editor

March 21, 2017

Spotify link Each title is a link to a YouTube link to the song. Have a go-to, power-up song? Here are a few to add to your device. Each song was chosen by a student and includes an explanation of how it empowers. Want an entire playlist? We custom made one for you. “Dancing Through Life”...

Breaking the stereotype

With spaces unfilled in the workforce during WWII, female power ran America, a common known figure in the movement of this era was Rosie the Riveter. During the 1940's, the women built machines and ammunition for the war while men were fighting. Today she is seen as a figure of empowerment for men and women alike.

Logan Connolly, Staff Reporter

March 2, 2017

“In the beginning of the first year, it was a bit frustrating when every five seconds someone comes up to you asking if you need help when you really don’t. Some of the guys made their surprise very obvious when I could actually hammer something,” senior Autumn Shingledecker said about the struggles of wor...

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