• May 25Nine days until school is out on June 3.
  • April 22There will be after school tutoring Friday April 22nd taking place in the library from 2:20 to 3:20
  • April 22The next School Board meeting will be taking place on May 9th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • March 22Spring break begins after school on Friday the 25th!
  • March 22Next year's class registration will be available on PowerSchool from March 21st to March 25th.


Funds diminished during pandemic, fundraiser for upcoming 2021 homecoming dance

Funds diminished during pandemic, fundraiser for upcoming 2021 homecoming dance

Justin Jaszkowski, Web Manager September 21, 2021

The school community is coming together to raise money for the homecoming dance that is scheduled for October 16. Led by parent Leisa Gipe, concerned community members are raising money to get tents, heaters,...

 Jessica Martell teaches her 9th grade English class, as students actively engage in the lecture. All together, there are 90 students in the class of 2025.

Middle schoolers transition to upper level, results mixed

Kaitlyn James, student reporter September 14, 2021

With the start of the 2021 school year, freshmen are starting to think about their futures in high school and about their lives after. With so many activities to join and opportunities to think about,...

Kara Brown, a senior who has joined agriculture, poses in an apple tree. It is part of a cluster of trees on school property that agriculture cares for.

New agriculture class intrigues students

Maggie Maxwell, student reporter September 14, 2021

The new agriculture class taught by Timothy Salow is attracting the attention of those with a green thumb. Agriculture, meaning a practice involving farming, tending to animals, and such related matters,...

Senior Paige Stolarz getting into her car in the school parking lot. Driving herself to school everyday and paying for her own gas, she regularly deals with the higher gas prices.

Higher gas prices become problematic

Merle Wilson, student reporter September 9, 2021

Gas prices have been on the rise since January of this year due to a number of factors, primarily COVID-19 and market related reasons. The rise in prices is a costly, but necessary expense for teen drivers,...

Teens, tech and changing times

Teens, tech and changing times

Kaitelyn Walker, Editor-in-Chief May 28, 2021

It is 1985 in Canton, Michigan, and students in the Plymouth-Canton school district are coming and going from the local roller rink, Skatin’ Station. Jennifer Hammerberg being one of those students.  Once...

Following a trend for men during the pandemic, graduate Gage Loso said, “I decided to grow my hair out because I was bored.”

Going natural, a trend coming into fashion

Grace Tervo, Staff Reporter May 28, 2021

In November of 2020, teacher Elizabeth Cyr found herself in her stylist’s chair frowning at the overgrowth of her hair after months of avoiding a salon due to the spread of coronavirus. It could have...

BuLLY or ALLY? Which “LLY” Are You?

BuLLY or ALLY? Which “LLY” Are You?

Olyvia Hoard, staff reporter April 25, 2021

Roughly 8% of all high school students in the United States report being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. That may not seem like a lot, but it is roughly 1.3 million teenagers in the United States alone.  LGBTQ+...

Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See

Kaitelyn Walker, Opinion Editor September 22, 2020

Courtney Fletcher remembers her first day of school as a secretary at Stockbridge Junior/Senior High School.    “It was a stressful yet happy day with new and returning students with their...

Junior performs on the piano at holiday show

Junior performs on the piano at holiday show

Hannah Bolton , Chief Editor December 17, 2019

Pianist and junior Haley Gipson, winner of the Stockbridge Area Arts Council (SACC) 2019 scholarship, played songs such as the “Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.3, No.2” by Rachmaninoff at the Stockbridge...

Cooling down after the quick race, Dalton Satkowiak 10, Micah Bolton 9, Brock Jones 11, Collin Cook 9, Andy Schlaff 11, Cameron Brewer 11, Ryan Owen 9 and Ben Chapman 10 of boys cross team take another lap around the home course. The team finished 4th in the meet.

Strong finish in Panther Invitational hints to season title for cross teams

Emily Breslin, Staff Reporter December 5, 2019

On a beautiful Saturday morning in the village, the birds were chirping, the morning sun rising, and the dew still fresh on the ground. That was until the steady pounding of feet swept it off the grass....

During a school week, senior Senaida Gonzalez works cashier at Mcdonalds during her six and half hour shift, taking customers oders. Gonzalez has worked at MCdonalds for almost 2 years. She thinks that the minimum wage should be replaced with a livable wage. A lot of people are struggling to pay bills that are too much for what they make, Gonzalez said.

Maximum importance of minimum wage

Logan Connolly, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2019

Money. It runs America. Everyone needs it to live. The need for money begins as a teen, hence making minimum wage an important discussion to students. The situation has some believing that minimum wage...

Reading. Something Oliva Fletcher may be found doing quite a bit. English teacher Pam Gower thinks Fletchers strength as a reader is her joy for reading.She enjoys it so much that she seeks out books that will keep her interest, Gower said.

Teens both isolate and accommodate their social lives

Jacey Gustafson, Staff Reporter May 20, 2019

On any basic Friday night, freshman Olivia Fletcher sits at home in front of the television while playing video games. “I’m usually staying in reading, playing video games and eating,” she said....

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