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Junior performs on the piano at holiday show

Junior performs on the piano at holiday show

Hannah Bolton, Chief Editor

December 17, 2019

Pianist and junior Haley Gipson, winner of the Stockbridge Area Arts Council (SACC) 2019 scholarship, played songs such as the “Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.3, No.2” by Rachmaninoff at the Stockbridge town hall for the Home for the Holidays show. Gipson began playing at 6-years-old with the local tea...

Strong finish in Panther Invitational hints to season title for cross teams

Cooling down after the quick race, Dalton Satkowiak 10, Micah Bolton 9, Brock Jones 11, Collin Cook 9, Andy Schlaff 11, Cameron Brewer 11, Ryan Owen 9 and Ben Chapman 10 of boys cross team take another lap around the home course. The team finished 4th in the meet.

Emily Breslin, Staff Reporter

December 5, 2019

On a beautiful Saturday morning in the village, the birds were chirping, the morning sun rising, and the dew still fresh on the ground. That was until the steady pounding of feet swept it off the grass. On September 28, the Panther Invitational hosted teams from GLAC. Results of the race ended with both teams fi...

Maximum importance of minimum wage

During a school week, senior Senaida Gonzalez works cashier at Mcdonald's during her six and half hour shift, taking customers oders. Gonzalez has worked at MCdonald's for almost 2 years. She thinks that the minimum wage should be replaced with a livable wage.

Logan Connolly, Editor-in-Chief

May 20, 2019

Money. It runs America. Everyone needs it to live. The need for money begins as a teen, hence making minimum wage an important discussion to students. The situation has some believing that minimum wage jobs are starting positions and the pay needs to stay low, with others believing that the pay needs...

Teens both isolate and accommodate their social lives

Reading. Something Oliva Fletcher may be found doing quite a bit. English teacher Pam Gower thinks Fletcher's strength as a reader is her joy for reading.

Jacey Gustafson, Staff Reporter

May 20, 2019

On any basic Friday night, freshman Olivia Fletcher sits at home in front of the television while playing video games. “I’m usually staying in reading, playing video games and eating,” she said. “I  rarely ever leave the house.” A stereotypical activity for introverts: staying inside with...

Floating away with the clouds

Practicing discus, Sophomore Carissa Heinzman tries to perfect her double spin, after over coming the obstacles after extensive foot surgery. She excels and has broken personal records thus far this season.

Abigail Douglas, Creative Editor

May 20, 2019

Sophomore Ben Young plays sports year round. From the fall to spring, he is either playing soccer on the field or in an indoor stadium he also runs on a track. “It's nice to be outside instead of inside all the time,” Young said. “Being in the sun and running really boosts my mood, unless it is to...

Become aware of your surroundings

Every trip to the girls' restroom for sophomore Isabelle Scutchfield and others includes a glance at the chart of contacts to call for help including human smuggling.

Samantha Stitt, Staff Reporter

April 17, 2019

Seemingly, every day a story runs about human trafficking in the local news. It happens at stores, parking lots, on the street, even in parks. Human traffickers do not just prey on children, but also mothers, young teens and sometimes even older men. In 2017, 309 cases of human trafficking were repor...

Body image affects mental health of adolescents

Body image affects mental health of adolescents

Jacey Gustafson, Staff Reporter

April 15, 2019

After a rough breakup, sophomore Melanie Eskew felt like her self-love vanished because she let it depend on her ex-girlfriend. “I pinpointed the things that I did not like about myself,” she said. “I wasn’t seeing a change in my self confidence as fast as I wanted to.” She explained that i...

The brain on social media

The brain on social media

Hannah Bolton, Assistant Editor

April 12, 2019

Companies like Wendy's and schools such as our own use social media. New medical terms such as “Facebook depression” and “Facebook addiction” have come to use. Social media keeps users hooked, giving a hit of dopamine to keep them contributing content on the site. The site gives posts likes and ...

When you aren’t what you eat

When you aren’t what you eat

Ronin Hackworth, Staff Reporter

May 21, 2018

Anyone who has ever been to a public school has probably seen the signs “Peanut-Free zone” or “No soy beyond this point.” However, often times people forget to see the people behind the signs, the people who have the food allergies. Senior Craig Nothnagel, who was born allergic to both p...

How to get started on changing your life

Photo illustration: Kali Roskowski

Martin Hoeksema, Staff Reporter

March 22, 2018

YOUR PLAYBOOK: The last practice is the hardest part of the season for some, but for most it is the beginning of the grind season. Of course, it is hard to start, but just spending 10 minutes on abs can make the biggest of gains. Follow three simple steps to get where you want to be: push yourself, nev...

Rejuvenation faces evaluation

“I’d say about a 7 out of 10 because it made me smell like a beef stew.”

Maria Risner

March 21, 2018

Had a rough day at school, or work, or just want to kick back and relax? Take a look into the daily use of a face masks. Rejuvenation of skin and a clean face can give off the feeling of a refreshing feeling. It’s simple, easy and convenient to apply and use as pleased. Uncaged took four students...

A soldier’s beginning


Matt Hill, Staff Reporter

January 11, 2018

On September 19, the United States military sent its latest group of troops to Afghanistan. These 3,000 soldiers are just the latest to be deployed there. Since 2001, 1,695 troops have died in the war in Afghanistan. With no plans in the works to lower the amount of troops overseas, the men and women going i...

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