Funds diminished during pandemic, fundraiser for upcoming 2021 homecoming dance


The school community is coming together to raise money for the homecoming dance that is scheduled for October 16. Led by parent Leisa Gipe, concerned community members are raising money to get tents, heaters, crowns, sashes and a DJ. 

Leadership teacher Corey Baird is looking forward to the day, but has to think about the weather that might be showing up at that time, and the administration has to think about how it would work with the new COVID-19 mask mandate, so they must make sure, there is everything that they need to be able to have a fun and safe time at the dance.

The money normally comes from the student fundraisers and previous dances that the student council does all year around. 

Gipe started a gofundme to help the student council to start raising money for the dance to be able to happen this year.

Baird and the student council did not have the normal amount of time to think about the dance since the school just went back to person this year.

“We had a later start than usual for thinking about the homecoming dance,” leadership teacher Corey Baird said.  

The event will be different than the past years but the administration, community, and staff are trying their best to let the students get the best experience in this unnatural time.