Helpers #1

Hello! Aubrey here with a new health paragraph! Today’s topic is fidgeting! 

Fidgeting is a big effect on kids with anxiety, and some pick or pull hair to fidget too! These options are not healthy, which cause scars on the head and body. Here are some good ways to fidget.

Fidget toys: Lots of these work! It’s a way for your hands to get distracted! I personally have lots        of these. Most fidgets you can buy off of amazon in a 30+ pack for 20 dollars. Some examples   

of fidget toys are fidget cubes, spinners, squishies, stress balls, and bean bags. 

You might not be able to do the downward dog in the middle of class, but you can 

stretch! Break your knuckles, stretch your hands out, flex and then relax them! 

 ask your teacher if you can walk around! If not, walk in place. These help a lot, and they make you feel a little better!

Hope these help you out! That’s it for this week, see you next week!