It’s just a number


Again, Michigan was ranked the 42nd, being left in the top 10 saddest states for the third year in a row according to Gallup Healthways polls. However, students like junior Jennifer Boland is not letting that statistic ruin her outlook.

“I don’t let the weather get in the way of all my plans,” Boland said, “but I kind of agree with being a sad state.”

According to the Psych Center, just getting up and doing enjoyable activities can brighten a mood and reduce winter related depressions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Freshman Savannah Porter said, “I disagree with Michigan being ranked 42. Just because we’re not like Florida or California, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun here.”

Activities such as ice skating, ice fishing and snowmobiling are all activities that could be done in winter and reverse SAD effects.

Financial problems are also an issue when it comes to being a sad state. “I do think Michigan deserves to be rated 42 when it’s talking about job satisfaction,” Freshman Mitchell Tenny said.

“My parents have to call in to work sometimes because of the hazardous weather.”

Although some may think winter can’t offer the same amount of activities as summer, there are still plenty of getaways to escape the cold.

The Chelsea Comfort Inn offers open swim everyday from 10am-5pm for $4.

Call them at (734) 433-8000

Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea offers Saturday night DJ Skate for $8, which includes the ice skate rental if you need a pair, but the price is the same if you bring your own!

Their number is (734) 433-4444. They are located on 501 Coliseum Drive.

Optimist Ice Arena in Jackson lets you skate for only $5 Monday through Friday 11am to 2:30 pm, no need to sit at home on snow days! Open skate times are from 7:30 – 9:20 p.m. on weekends for $6.

Get a hold of them at (517) 783-2664, located on 1300 W. North St.

The “Fishbowl” in Chelsea is a popular sledding hill, with no specific hours, and no charge to go sledding with your friends. You can find the hill on the corner of M-52 and Waterloo road.