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No one can afford college tuition, and that is a problem

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No one can afford college tuition, and that is a problem

Zabrina Yanella

Zabrina Yanella

Zabrina Yanella

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The cost of college is too expensive. The average published yearly tuition for an in-state public four-year college in Michigan is $9,410, and the average published yearly tuition for a private four-year college is $32,410, according to the College Board.

Plus, these numbers do not include the price of food, books, supplies or even housing. Students at public universities can expect to pay, on average, an additional $8,887 for housing and food per year, according to the My College Guide website.

Students who attend private colleges will end up paying about $10,089 per year for the same necessities.

Paying this much money every year is not feasible for young students who cannot get high-paying jobs because they do not have college degrees yet. Students go to college to find careers after graduation that provide enough money for them to make their livings, but that can not happen for college students because they do not have their degrees.

The majority of high school seniors and college students have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), because they would not be able to afford their education without it. Having this many students apply for federal student aid defeats the purpose of the FAFSA program.

According to Ticas, an institute promoting college access and success, 71 percent (1.3 million) of college students graduated from a four-year school with student loan debt. To be quite plain, almost no one can afford college without government student aid, loans or scholarships.

The price of college discourages students and keeps many from attending. When students do not want to attend due to price, that demotivation lowers the amount of college graduates our society has to perform certain jobs.

Forty percent of students who are accepted into college never end up attending due to the financial aspect, according to Hechinger Report.

When students do not go to college, we do not have the people to fill the jobs necessary for running a productive society. When no one can pay for their education, that will limit the amount of doctors, scientists, teachers and other occupations that our world needs to function.

Students should not be expected to pay this much money for education when they go to college to get a job that will support them.

In fact, Amazon took Detroit off its list of locations to build the second North American Amazon headquarters because it lacked the talent pool.

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No one can afford college tuition, and that is a problem