Do good and feel good

Fresh clean air and damp weather are the signs of spring coming. While nature is awakening, so is the desire to do something good. After a long dreadful winter of being confined inside, here are a few ways you can cheer up by doing good for someone else and getting out of the house. According to Mental Health America, students who performed five acts of kindness a day increased their happiness, so this spring go out and do good to feel good.

Balloon giveaway

Give balloons away to random people in the parking lot.

Go up to the local dollar store and purchase helium-filled balloons and some sticky notes. Write a sweet message, stick it on the balloon and tie the balloon on the sideview mirror of someone’s vehicle.

Blessing bags

Give goodie-bags to people who need a blessing.

Gather paper bags, candy, cards and colored paper. Fill the bag with candy and write on the colored paper a quote, a favorite memory, a reason why you love the person and a joke. Staple a little card on the front saying why they are a blessing. Leave it on their desk before they get to school.

Flower gift

Deliver random flowers.

Go to the local florist, purchase flowers and deliver them to someone you think needs her or his day lifted.


Find different ways to donate to your community through giving back.

Donate your time to a soup kitchen. Sift through your old clothes and donate them to the local community outreach. Rummage through your cabinets for canned food that you can donate to the local food bank.

Pay a tab

Pay for the person’s coffee or meal behind you in the drive-through.

Cupcake giveaway

Make a bunch of cute cupcakes and hand them out to friends or people to brighten their day.

Car wash

Wash your mom or dad’s car. Gather some old rags, warm water and soap and head out on a nice day to the driveway and wash the car.

Extra tip

Leave an extra tip for the waitperson. Flip the receipt over, and write a message on why you decided to leave a larger tip.

Meaningful playlist

Make a playlist.

Back in the day before the Internet and Spotify, guys used to make mixtapes for the girls they liked. Today mixtapes are way out of date, but playlists are not. Make a playlist of all the songs that represent a person you love, and send them the link just because.

“Just wanted to say I love you” note