Music Meditation

Senior Collin Curtis lounges on his bed, headphones in, listening to EDM to help him study. For him, music puts him in a happy place, reminding him of past memories. “I like Chill House for studying,” Curtis said. “There’s not as many words, so it’s easier to multitask.”

Relaxation is important in everyone’s lives to maintain peace and serenity. After deadlines, work and sports, it can be assumed that all students tend to have a little stress in their life. In the busy life of an average teen, it is clear that most can not afford a day off to go meditate or go to the spa to relax.

There are multiple different ways to relax, but meditation is one of the most common fact. Most people assume meditating is sitting with crossed legs, humming and taking the mind to a happy place. That is not the only way to meditate.

Music can also be used for meditation. Sometimes the words to a song can distract you from everything else and you can get lost in the message, listen to a beat that can give you goosebumps when you hear it, the kind of song that sounds so perfect it takes you to a different place in your mind. Listening to music and blocking out the world can bring serenity in just a few short minutes.

“We generally play upbeat music in the office but for yoga we prefer slower paced music, it’s more relaxing,” receptionist Taylor Reilly from Positively Chiropractic said “I took a personal class once and the music was a very important part of the relaxation process.”

When studying, listening to music can help focus. When exercising, music can help encourage endurance. Everyday life for most teens includes music. “I generally listen to EDM and trap music. I listen to it everyday to help me relax,” senior Collin Curtis said. “Music just makes me stop thinking about everything. I zone out. When I put my headphones in, it’s like a different world. I’ve been listening to EDM music since I was five. I guess it just clears my mind and only music can really do that for me on a daily basis.”

If you are looking for a way to practice musical meditation, download the app Spotify, Pandora, or Soundcloud and follow a playlist that is suitable to what relaxes you. Save time and money and treat yourself to a good song, relax and absorb the freedom of your mind.